OnLine Image, Inc. in Watkins Glen is no longer in existence as of 6/11/2011

Internet access or tech support is all handled through Lightlink in Ithaca. call them at 607-277-0959 for ANY Internet service related issues.

The listing of local businesses and services that has been located at for 22 years has been terminated as of 11/1/14 due to better locations to obtain the same services and the expense of having it on-line.

The weather for Seneca Lake usually at this location is also no more as of 10/9/2014. It required too much maintenance and the replacement of several pieces of equipment. Thanks for checking in for all these years sorry it had to end

The Cameras that have looked out on Seneca Lake for many years are also a thing if the past. As with the weather, problems keeping the camera up and on line were many and now the replacement of the camera is an expense that is without merit. I hope you enjoyed it for the many years it was there.